We Made The Right Decision

After three weeks of countless consultations, with some great knowledgeable smart lawyers, we finally hired Michael Hubbard as my son's criminal defense attorney. My son has some serious charges pending in Douglasville Ga and I, as a mother and he the arrestee, don't know much about how this system works so we are learning as we go. My son felt very comfortable speaking with Mr. Hubbard, his resume look good, his location, legal cases were pretty tight and with that and a small prayer, we know we made the right decision for my son representation. Thank you Mr Hubbard, we are looking forward to working with you.

- Jennifer
Very Pleased

I was in a car with another person and drugs were found in the car after we got pulled over. I hired Mr. Hubbard and he did a very good job. We had to go to court several times but the case did get dismissed. The other person in the car with me got convicted, but he had a public defender.

- A Client
Very Good Lawyer

I was charged with a felony and a felony conviction would have caused me to lose my job of 18 years. I hired Mr. Hubbard and am very glad I did. Although it took a while, he got the felony reduced to a misdemeanor and I kept my job.

- Jimmy
Truly Dedicated

Mr. Hubbard works harder than any other attorney I know to ensure that his clients receive the best possible treatment and outcome to their pending cases. He never stops fighting for them. This is a man you want in your corner, trust me.

- A Client
Highly recommend!

We recently hired Mr. Hubbard to help our daughter with a misdemeanor case. While we were scared for her, he reassured us repeatedly everything would work out. He took the time to listen to all of our concerns and answer all of our questions. He thoroughly explained what we could expect in court and we were exceptionally pleased with the outcome of our case, While I hope not to need the services of an attorney again in the future, I'm glad to know that Mike is there to help if the situation arises.

- A Client
Miracle worker!!

I hired Mr. Hubbard to submit a parole plan for my son who was in prison with a TPM that was 54 months away. Mr. Hubbard submitted the plan and my son was approved for immediate release based on the 13 months he had already served. Everywhere I turned in my son's case we struck out, but Mr. Hubbard gave my son 41 months of his life back! As far as I am concerned Michael Hubbard is an angel from Heaven!

- Charlotte
He saved my life

He seems very honest and caring. He got me a much better deal than my first attorney.

- Susan
Best Service

Unfortunately, I've had the opportunity to work with several attorneys. Mr. Hubbard is the first that returned my calls after leaving only one message. He got me a much better result than I anticipated. He really knows how to work the case. If you have a criminal case in Douglas County or somewhere close to that, I'd suggest him.

- Tim

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Criminal Defense

When you have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the Georgia criminal court system. Michael Hubbard is an attorney based out of Douglasville, Georgia who has that insider knowledge.

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DUI Defense

Since DUI penalties grow with each passing offense, it’s clear why keeping a DUI charge off your record is so vital. If you are facing a DUI charge in Douglasville, or surrounding areas, criminal defense attorney Michael Hubbard can help you fight the charge against you.

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