Most Rewarding

I endorse this lawyer. I have been practicing law out of Metro Atlanta for 35 years and have tried cases all over this country in State and Federal Court and I must say that my experiences working with Mike Hubbard were some of the most rewarding of my legal career. In every instance he was available to write, research, and argue in court with an understanding of the law that was invaluable. Moreover, the prosecutors and judges respected and gave deference to Mike when he presented legal precedent and participated in every aspect of the cases I have had the pleasure of working with him on. I highly endorse Mike Hubbard and would recommend him to any citizen in a situation where there liberty was at stake. I look forward to working with Mike again in the very near future. LDWolfe

- L. David Wolfe / Criminal Defense Attorney
Class Act

I fully endorse Mike Hubbard in the area of criminal defense. I have known Mike for over a decade, been on the opposite of him in cases, and tried cases with him. He is hands down one the very best lawyers I know, As I have told him many times, if one of my my own sons were to get in trouble, I would feel 100 percent comfortable with Mike representing him. Class act.

- Jason Swindle / Criminal Defense Attorney

Mike is simply an outstanding, gifted, and hard working criminal defense lawyer. I have known Mike for years and, without reservation, trust his analytical and courtroom skills. Although I handle injury cases, a great many people rely on me to refer them to the best attorney possible to handle their case in all areas of law, including criminal defense. Mike is one of a select few criminal defense lawyers in Douglas County and the surrounding counties that I would hire. I regularly send people to go see Mike. I feel comfortable saying this having observed him in court and seeing his work for years.

- Jack Clay / Car Accident Attorney
Excellent Litigator

Mike is very good in representing his clients. He is able to resolve cases, no matter how complex, in his client's favor by continuing to be diligent in finding ways to help his clients' cases.

- Jay Shreenath / Attorney
Calm and Caring Demeanor

Mike and I began practicing law around the same time in a really tough jurisdiction. Mike is one of the most candid and honest members of the Bar that I have ever met. When he says something, prosecutors and judges listen! I have worked with Mike on several matters over the years and each time I came away learning something new. Mike has a calm and caring demeanor that serves him and his clients well. Mike works tirelessly for his clients and is one of the "go-to" attorneys in Douglas County and in West Georgia. I highly endorse Mike and you will do well to have him in your corner!

- Travis Glahn / Criminal Defense Attorney
Very Professional

I strongly endorse this lawyer. Mike is a very professional, courteous attorney. We work together on a regular basis on opposing sides, and it is always a pleasant experience. Mike is very fair and has experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. Mike has also worked in the community for a long time and has a good working relationship with many other lawyers and judges. I would not hesitate to have Mike represent me personally.

- Kierston Phillips / Family Attorney
One Of The Brightest

Mike Hubbard is one of the brightest criminal defense lawyers in West Georgia. His knowledge of criminal law is unsurpassed, and his integrity and work ethic are beyond reproach. Mike gets results, and I am honored to endorse him.

- Kenneth Bernard / Car Accident Attorney
One Of The Go To Criminal Defense Lawyers

Simply put, Mike Hubbard is one of the go to criminal defense lawyers in Douglas County. He is a well prepared, hard nosed attorney that knows the jurisdiction well. I endorse him fully to any client.

- Sean Goldstein / Criminal Defense Attorney
One Of The Finest

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Hubbard is one of the finest attorneys in his state, I highly recommend his legal services.

- Howard Lewis / Divorce and Separation Attorney
Most Ethical

Mike is one of the most ethical, honest, and knowledgeable lawyers practicing criminal law today. I have known Mike for almost 15 years, and he is one of the most tenacious hard charging I've known mike for almost 15 years, and he is one of the most a tenacious, hard charging attorneys in practice today.

- Christopher Wynn / Family Attorney
Well Respected

I fully recommend Mr. Hubbard, he is a well respected and extremely adept attorney who consistently gets the best possible result for his clients. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Mr. Hubbard to represent someone in my family.

- Dane Garland / Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense

When you have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the Georgia criminal court system. Michael Hubbard is an attorney based out of Douglasville, Georgia who has that insider knowledge.

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DUI Defense

Since DUI penalties grow with each passing offense, it’s clear why keeping a DUI charge off your record is so vital. If you are facing a DUI charge in Douglasville, or surrounding areas, criminal defense attorney Michael Hubbard can help you fight the charge against you.

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