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Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can change your life, and have a major impact on your future. Employers, educational institutions, and even landlords often use criminal background checks as a means of assessing potential employees, students, or residents, which means a mark on your record can prevent you from having the life that you want. When it comes to keeping a criminal charge from turning into a criminal conviction, it starts at the moment of arrest. By working with a lawyer with ample experience in criminal law from the very start, you have your best shot at walking away from the charges against you and keeping your record clean.

Criminal Penalties in Georgia

While felony crimes carry tougher consequences, including longer prison sentences and higher fines, even misdemeanor criminal charges can influence the course of your life. That’s why it’s essential to start fighting for your rights from the moment of your arrest. Having an attorney with you early on in the process provides you with guidance when it comes to answering police questions, gives you a chance in pretrial motions to get your story told and understood, possbily preventing the case from having to go to trial, and offers you support during what is sure to be one of the most difficult periods of your life.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Douglasville/Douglas County

When you have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the Georgia criminal court system. Michael Hubbard is an attorney based out of Douglasville, Georgia who has that insider knowledge. Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Hubbard worked as a prosecutor, giving him experience on both sides of the criminal justice process, and providing him with keen insight into how the mind of a prosecutor works. Mr. Hubbard puts your rights, and the defense of those rights, first and foremost, ensuring you are getting the fairest treatment while fighting the charges against you that could potentially cost you your future.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s no time to try to go it alone. No one beats the system without the help of someone who truly understands the system. Michael Hubbard prides himself on providing dedicated defense to all of his clients, guiding them through the sometimes confusing process of the criminal court system, and ensuring their rights are met at every step of the process.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Hubbard knows what is going through a prosecutor's mind and what strategic decisions he or she will likely make.  He knows when to fight and when to negotiate.  Attorneys that don't understand this very important concept often times obtain disastrous results for their clients.  In the words of one of Mr. Hubbard's mentors Judge Rowland Barnes, "You don't ever punch, but you dang sure better punch back every time."

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If you are in need of a hard working, well prepared attorney who is not afraid to represent one of our citizens accused of a crime, then please feel free to browse this website and contact Mr. Hubbard for a free, no obligation consultation.


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Criminal Defense

When you have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the Georgia criminal court system. Michael Hubbard is an attorney based out of Douglasville, Georgia who has that insider knowledge.

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DUI Defense

Since DUI penalties grow with each passing offense, it’s clear why keeping a DUI charge off your record is so vital. If you are facing a DUI charge in Douglasville, or surrounding areas, criminal defense attorney Michael Hubbard can help you fight the charge against you.

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